People - Mike Burton Hospitality


Mike Burton Directors

The Mike Burton directors are responsible for the strategic direction of the business. They are Mike Burton (chairman) and Ian Edwards (CEO).

Mike Burton – Chairman 

The founder of the Group of companies has overseen and been directly responsible for the development of the business through the last three decades, and continues to be responsible for the effective operation of the Board.

Ian Edwards – CEO

Responsible for the Group’s operational effectiveness and for implementing the business strategy.

Mike Burton Management Board

Sally Marshall - Head of Operations

Sally has more than 14 years experience with the company and has successfully led the company’s Event Operations division for the past 12 years. She is responsible for the company’s group travel, event operations, client services, event ticketing and special projects. 

Kevin Smith - Head of Sales and Marketing

Kevin Smith joined The Mike Burton Group having wide ranging business experience across all facets of professional sport, leisure and hospitality industries over the past 15 years.  As Head of Sales & Marketing for the group he is responsible for development and implementation of digital, marketing and sales strategies across the travel and tours businesses for England Rugby Travel and Lions Rugby Travel. Kevin has a breadth of commercial rights and sponsorship experience having held senior roles with professional football clubs in the Premier League and Championship. He is a member of the senior executive team.

James Goodwin - Head of Legal Affairs

James oversees all aspects of the Group’s legal work, including commercial contracts and  joint venture agreements, as well as providing counsel and advice to the Group’s Board. James is also responsible for the Group’s governance, compliance and risk management.

Rhys Burton – Head of Tours

Rhys oversees all the aspects of the Group’s Tours Department, taking hundreds of schools, clubs, colleges and universities across the world on rugby, cricket, hockey, netball and football tours. From Argentina to Australia, South Africa to New Zealand, Rhys combines the company’s 25-year travel experience with cutting edge industry knowledge to make Mike Burton one of the leading tours provider.

Robert Parnell - Head of Finance

Robert Parnell is the financial controller for Mike Burton and manages all of the finance departments for the Mike Burton Group business.